Teej Puja is a significant Hindu festival celebrated by women, especially in North India, to honor the goddess Parvati and seek her blessings for marital bliss, well-being of spouses, and family prosperity. The festival involves various rituals and traditions, and a Teej Puja kit typically contains items necessary for performing these rituals. Here’s a general description of what a Teej Puja kit might include:

1. Mehendi (Henna): Henna paste or cones for decorating hands and feet with intricate designs.

2.Sindoor (Vermilion): Red vermilion powder used for applying on the forehead, symbolizing marital status.

3. Puja Thali: A decorative plate or thali containing small compartments to hold various items used during the puja, like incense sticks, diya (lamp), flowers, rice, and sacred water.

4. Idols or Images of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva: Small statues or images of the deities worshipped during Teej Puja.

5. Roli and Rice: Used during the rituals for applying tilak (vermilion mark) and showering blessings.

6. Sacred Threads (Rakhi): Threads used for tying around wrists or for performing ceremonial rituals.

7. Sweets and Fruits: Offerings to the deity as part of the ritual.

8. Gangajal (Holy Water): Considered pure and used for various rituals during the puja.

9. Decorative Items: Sometimes kits include decorative items like bangles, mirrors, or traditional ornaments used during the celebrations.

10. Instruction Manual or Religious Book: A guide or a book containing instructions on how to perform the Teej Puja rituals and prayers.

These kits can vary based on region, customs, and personal preferences. Some may contain additional items specific to certain traditions or familial rituals associated with Teej.

teej puja kit