Shringar Puja


Shringar Puja is a sacred Hindu ritual that involves the ornate adornment of deities, particularly Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, during festive celebrations, symbolizing devotion and enhancing their divine beauty.

The Shringar Puja, which is performed every evening, is a way to worship Lord Shiva and seek various blessings, including mental peace, happiness, and liberation (Moksha). During this puja, a purohit (priest) conducts rituals that involve offering various items to Lord Shiva. These offerings may include flowers, water, curd, ghee, honey, sugar, sacred water, sacred thread (jenau), scent, rice, and more.

A unique aspect of this puja is the placement of a flower throne in a snake-like fashion on the jyotirling (Shiva’s sacred representation). This throne is specially made by prisoners from Deoghar Jail as a part of their daily work.

Overall, Shringar Puja is a ritual of devotion and reverence to Lord Shiva, aiming to bring peace, happiness, and spiritual growth to the devotees.