Shri Asht Bhairav Darshan Yatra


Kala Bhairav, Kashi’s sentinel deity, embodies a form of Lord Shiva with a dog companion. Kashi boasts eight Bhairav temples, known as AshtaBhairav, each highlighting a distinct aspect of this revered figure.

Kala Bhairav is like a guardian god in the city of Kashi. He’s a bit like a security guard, and he has a dog as a buddy. People think he’s a special form of Lord Shiva. In Kashi, there are 8 temples for different forms of Bhairav, and they’re called AshtaBhairav. These temples have names like Kala Bhairav, Dhandapani, Veera Bhairav, BatukBhairav, AashuBhairav, AanandaBhairav, Rudra Bhairav, and RuruBhairav. People like to visit all these temples, and they call it the Shri Asht Bhairav Darshan Yatra.

Out of all these temples, Kala Bhairav’s temple is the most important one, and almost everyone who goes to Kashi visits it. Dhandapani is a bit like the boss who decides what punishment you get, and Kala Bhairav is the one who makes sure the punishment happens. Our guide said Dhandapani is like the chief, and Kala Bhairav is like the policeman. Surprisingly, people are often more scared of the policeman than the chief!

One cool thing about the Kala Bhairav temple is that you can get special threads there. These threads, called Kashi threads, are believed to keep away bad things, so lots of people want them.


Advantages of Embarking on the AshtBhairav Darshan Yatra:


1. Protection:It keeps you safe from bad things and problems.

2. Happiness: It makes you feel happier and peaceful inside.

3. Learning:You can learn new things about gods and stories.

4. Wishes: Your wishes might come true if you pray sincerely.

5. Friends: You can make new friends who believe in the same things.

6. Relaxation: It helps you relax and calm your mind.

7. Culture: You get to see beautiful old temples and art.

8. Feeling Good: You feel good when you visit these special places.

Remember, it’s a special journey where you can find peace, protection, and joy.



The Kala Bhairav Darshan Yatra is a special journey that means a lot to people. It helps them feel closer to their beliefs and faith. People believe that by worshiping Kala Bhairav, they can stay safe from bad things and have good luck in life. Some think that it can also help them start fresh and leave behind their past mistakes. During this journey, people make wishes and pray for them to come true. It can make you feel calm and peaceful inside. You can learn about the customs and traditions of Kashi and the special rituals related to Kala Bhairav. It’s also a chance to meet people who believe in the same things and share your experiences. Some people find that this journey helps them grow as a person and become more connected to their spiritual side. Plus, you can appreciate the old and beautiful temples and the stories behind them. Many see this journey as a way of showing their devotion and dedication to a god they deeply respect.