Puja at Omkareshwar Temple

The Omkareshwar Temple is undeniably a divine blessing, a manifestation of both the divine Lords and the beauty of Mother Nature. It is said that the sacred island of Omkareshwar is naturally formed in the shape of “Om,” the most revered symbol in Hinduism. Given this profound symbolism, it comes as no surprise that this tranquil town is counted among the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in India, where Lord Shiva is worshipped in his radiant and unmanifested form.

The Puja (prayer ceremony) at the Omkareshwar Temple is considered a divine blessing, bestowed by both the gods and Mother Nature. Omkareshwar, the sacred island where the temple stands, has a shape resembling the sacred Hindu symbol “ॐ” (Om), which is incredibly important in Hinduism. It’s no wonder that this peaceful town is also one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in India. Every year, countless pilgrims visit this shrine to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.

Omkareshwar is surrounded by tall hills, and the Narmada River flows peacefully between them, forming a serene pool. Above this pool, there’s a unique bridge that adds to the scenic beauty of the island.

The beauty and spirituality found in this town can make you feel like you’re experiencing a magical moment, taking you back to those moments of childhood wonder.

The Omkareshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the main attraction on the island. It’s one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines, and the island’s shape is said to resemble the Hindu symbol “ॐ” (Om). There are two temples on the island, Omkareshwar and Amreshwar.

The exact history of the temple’s construction and its builder remain a mystery. The inner sanctum, which houses the Jyotirlinga (a sacred representation of Lord Shiva), appears to be part of an older-style temple, with a dome made of layers of stone slabs. Because this temple is very close to the steep bank of the Narmada River to the south, the larger part of it is built in a newer style. This is why the inner sanctum and the main deity are not directly in front of the main entrance or under the more prominent Shikhar (tower), which is a later addition.


  1. The most sacred symbol in Hinduism is “ॐ” (Om).
  2.  When people pray to Lord Shiva, they hope to receive his blessings.
  3.  People worship the god Shiva to seek his help and guidance.
  4.  Believers think that worshiping Shiva can make their lives more peaceful and prosperous.

The Omkareshwar Temple is a really special place that ancient texts like the Skanda Purana talk highly about. In this place called Varanasi, which is super important in India, there are many strong symbols of Lord Shiva, like the one at Omkareshwar Temple.

In one chapter of the Skanda Purana, Lord Skanda himself tells us about all the important spots in Varanasi. People believe Varanasi is the holiest city in India. It has lots of these powerful symbols of Lord Shiva, which can make people really happy in different ways.

Now, in another part of this book called the Kashi Kanda, Lord Shiva talks about the Omkareshwar Linga. This temple is where the super powerful Lord Shiva lives, and there’s no other place like it for getting his blessings. Lord Shiva stays here in the form of ‘Omkar’ in five different ways, kind of like special codes.

If someone goes to Omkareshwar, takes a special bath in a holy pool called Matsyodari Teerth, and prays to the Linga, they won’t have to be born again (which some people are scared of). It’s like getting really good karma! Worshipping Omkareshwar is as great as doing a super important ritual called Ashwa Medha Yagna. It’s also like saying a special mantra a whole lot of times and as good as worshipping all the symbols of Lord Shiva in the whole wide world. The best times to go and pray there are on the eighth and fourteenth days of the month (Ashtami and Chaturdasi).

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