Puja at Atma Veereshwar Temple


Atma Vireshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, bestows boundless blessings upon devoted worshippers, as extolled in the Kashi Khand of the Puranas.

Worshiping at the Atma Veereshwar Temple is really important. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and if you pray to the special symbol of Lord Shiva there with all your heart, you can expect to be blessed with lots of happiness.

The temple is talked about in ancient stories, and Lord Shiva himself said that if you do rituals like prayer, offering liquids, and making ritual offerings to the special symbol in this temple, you’ll get all sorts of happiness. It’s like getting the blessings of three crore (30 million) other symbols of Lord Shiva.

The best time to visit and do prayers at the Atma Veereshwar Temple is on a specific day called Chaturdasi in the lunar calendar. This temple is especially helpful for couples who are finding it hard to have children. If you’re having trouble getting pregnant or if you’ve had a miscarriage, it might be a good idea to do a special prayer ceremony at this temple with some guidance.

There’s an old story about a sage named Vishwanar and his wife who prayed at many places in Kashi (Varanasi) and eventually came to this special place called the Siddha Peeth of Atma Veereshwar. They did prayers here for a long time and recited a special prayer called Abhilasha Ashtakam. One day, they saw a young boy standing near the symbol of Lord Shiva, and the sage prayed to the boy with the same devotion as Lord Shiva. Later, they found out that the boy was actually Lord Shiva himself, and he told them that if people recited Abhilasha Ashtakam for a year, they would be blessed with children. After that, the boy disappeared into the Atma Veereshwar symbol.

Lord Shiva is a really powerful god, and he’s known as Mahadev. If you visit this temple, the priests there will help you do prayers following the traditions from ancient texts.