Markesh Yoga Puja


Markesh Yoga is an astrological configuration in Vedic astrology where Mars is placed in the 7th or 2nd house from the Moon, indicating potential challenges in health and finances, requiring remedies and precautions to counteract its adverse effects.

Markesh Yoga Puja is important because Markesh yoga is a very bad astrological combination of planets and stars that can bring harm and even death to a person and their family. This yoga can cause disasters, health problems, financial losses, and mental distress.

The puja is performed to counteract the negative effects of Markesh yoga. Not everyone has this combination in their astrological chart, and only an expert astrologer can identify it and suggest remedies.

When the yoga is corrected according to scriptures, it can protect the person from harm and improve their life. The puja is conducted by qualified and experienced pandits trained in Hindu traditions.