Shiva Shakti Puja


Shiv Shakti Puja venerates the divine union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti, seeking blessings for balance, harmony, and spiritual growth, recognizing their integral roles in the cosmic order. Devotees offer prayers and offerings to honor this sacred partnership and attain spiritual completeness.

Shiva Shakti Puja is a special ceremony that celebrates the coming together of two powerful divine forces: Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. This puja has many advantages:

  1. Blessings: It brings blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti, bringing good luck into your life.
  2. Balance: It helps balance the different energies in the universe, making your life more positive.
  3. Rituals: The puja involves various rituals to connect with these divine energies properly.
  4. Removing Bad Vibes: It gets rid of negativity and invites positive energy into your life.
  5. Strength: It gives you inner strength and peace of mind.
  6. Protection: The puja protects you from harm and brings health, happiness, and success.
  7. Astrology: It can also help fix problems caused by the position of planets in your birth chart.
  8. Accurate and Clear: The puja is done carefully, following the right steps, and can be performed online or offline.
  9. Experienced Priests: Knowledgeable priests conduct the puja, ensuring it’s done correctly.

In simple words, Shiva Shakti Puja is a special ceremony that connects you with powerful divine energies for a better and more successful life.


This puja offers several benefits:

  1. Protection from the negative effects of Shani (Saturn).
  2. Improved health and protection against major diseases.
  3. Increased ambition and professional success.
  4. Enhanced harmony in marriage and family life.
  5. Increased courage to face life’s challenges.
  6. Potential for spiritual liberation (Moksha) in the afterlife.


The vrat (religious observance) associated with this deity is performed to counter the rise of tamasic (dark, negative) and cruel individuals who oppress the sattvic (righteous, virtuous) people. It is believed that the Goddess incarnates during Navaratri (nine nights’ festival) to restore righteousness, and her divine energy is especially potent during this time.