Akshaya Tritiya Puja


Akshaya Tritiya, celebrated on the 3rd day of Vaishakha’s bright half, holds immense significance as it coincides with the peak brightness of the Sun and Moon, signifying unparalleled auspiciousness in Hindu and Jain traditions.

Akshaya Tritiya is a very special and lucky day for Hindus and Jains. It happens on the 3rd day of the bright part of the month of Vaishakha in the Hindu calendar, usually in April or May. On this day, the Sun and the Moon shine their brightest, which is seen as a sign of good luck.

People believe that important things happened on this day in the past. For example, Lord Parashuram, a Hindu god, was born on this day. It’s also said that the writing of the Mahabharata, a famous ancient Indian story, began on Akshaya Tritiya. For Jains, it marks the end of a year-long fasting period.

One special thing about this day is that you don’t need to pick a lucky time to start new things or do good deeds. The whole day is thought to be full of luck, so anything you start on this day is expected to bring good results and success. Many people buy gold, property, or make important financial decisions on Akshaya Tritiya.

People also do religious activities on this day like praying, offering to their ancestors, and giving to charity. These actions are believed to bring lasting blessings and good fortune.


On Akshaya Tritiya, people do many special things:

  1. Fasting for Lord Vishnu: Some people don’t eat for the day to show their love for Lord Vishnu.
  2. Worshipping Lakshminarayana: They pray to Lord Vishnu in a special way, asking for good things like money.
  3. Buying Gold: People like to buy gold jewelry or gold coins on this day because it’s believed to bring them good luck and wealth.
  4. Celebrating Marriages and Housewarming: Some choose this day to have weddings or move into a new home, thinking it will make their new life happy and successful.
  5. Buying New Vehicles: People also buy new cars or bikes because they believe it will keep them safe when they travel.
  6. Holy Bath: Taking a bath in special rivers or places is seen as a way to make yourself clean and lucky.
  7. Tarpan for Ancestors: People remember their family members who have passed away by offering water and prayers.
  8. Charity: Many give food or money to those who need it, hoping to make good things happen.
  9. Hawan (Fire Ritual): Some do a special fire ceremony to ask for blessings and to feel pure.

Akshaya Tritiya is a day when people do good things to make their lives better, and they believe it’s a very lucky day.


Akshaya Tritiya is a special and interesting festival in Hindu culture. Just like other Indian festivals, it has some captivating stories and myths associated with it.

People believe that if you give with a generous heart on this sacred day, you will receive blessings from the divine to have more abundance and prosperity in your life. It’s a reminder that sharing and being kind can bring good things to your life.

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