56 Ganesh Yatra


Across all realms, none surpass Lord Vishwanath as a father, Goddess Parvati as a mother, or Ganesha as a son. Their divine bond is unparalleled.

The 56 Ganesh Yatra is a special and joyful event. It’s believed that Ganesha is a wonderful son, and Lord Shiva wanted to know about Kashi. He sent many gods and goddesses to find out, but they didn’t return. So, he asked his beloved son Ganesha to go to Kashi and tell him what was happening there.

 Ganesh Ji Enters in Kashi

As per Lord Shiva’s orders, Lord Ganesha came to Varanasi in disguise. He used his intelligence and skills to win the hearts of everyone there, including men, women, kings, and queens. People in Varanasi became devoted followers of Ganesha. Ganesha also made statues of himself and lived in the city.

Later, when Lord Vishnu rebuilt Varanasi and Lord Vishwanath (another name for Lord Shiva) returned with his followers, he thanked Ganesha for making it all possible. He praised Ganesha, saying that when fathers find things difficult, sons like Ganesha can achieve the impossible.

Lord Vishwanath then gave some instructions and introduced a special prayer called Dhundhiraj Strota. He said that those who recite this prayer will be protected from life’s challenges, gain supernatural powers, and become free from sins and negative thoughts.

After receiving honor from the gods, Lord Vishwanath entered a splendid new building.

In summary, Lord Ganesha played a crucial role in Varanasi’s history, and his prayer, Dhundhiraj Strota, is believed to bring blessings and protection to those who recite it.

The 56 Vinayaks (associated with the 56 Ganesh Yatra) play a significant role in protecting the Vishwanath Temple and the entire Kashi region. They are arranged in a seven-fold configuration in all eight directions. Each of these seven folds consists of eight Vinayaks, and they have specific names and purposes:

**First Fold:**
1. Shri Ark Vinayak
2. Shri Durg Vinayak
3. Shri Bheem Chand Vinayak
4. Shri Dehli Vinayak
5. Shri Udand Vinayak
6. Shri Pashpani Vinayak
7. Shri Kharv Vinayak
8. Shri Siddhi Vinayak

These eight Vinayaks in the outer circle of Kashi provide blessings to their worshippers and hold accountable those who do not worship them.

**Second Fold:**
1. Shri Lambodar Vinayak
2. Shri KootDant Vinayak
3. Shri ShaalKantak Vinayak
4. Shri Kushmand Vinayak
5. Shri Mund Vinayak
6. Shri VikatDant Vinayak
7. Shri Raj Putra Vinayak
8. Shri Pranav Vinayak

These eight Ganesha in the second circle of Kashi remove obstacles faced by the residents of Kashi.

**Third Fold:**
1. Shri Vakratund Vinayak
2. Shri EkDand Vinayak
3. Shri Pachassya Vinayak
4. Shri Heremb Vinayak
5. Shri Vighna Raj Vinayak
6. Shri Varap Vinayak
7. Shri Modakpriya Vinayak

These Vinayaks protect the entire region of Kashi with dedication.

**Fourth Fold:**
1. Shri Abhayapradd Vinayak
2. Shri Singh Tund Vinayak
3. Shri Kuditaksh Vinayak
4. Shri KshipraPrasadanVinayak
5. Shri Chintamani vinayak
6. Shri Dant Hast Vinayak
7. Shri Pichandil Vinayak
8. Shri Udand Mund Vinayak

These eight Ganesha in the fourth circle remove troubles and difficulties for their worshippers.

**Fifth Fold:**
1. Shri ShoolDant Vinayak
2. Shri Kali Priya Vinayak
3. Shri ChaturDant Vinayak
4. Shri Dwitund Vinayak
5. Shri Jayeshth Vinayak
6. Shri Gaj Vinayak
7. Shri Kaal Vinayak
8. Shri Nagesh Vinayak

These Vinayaks are located in the fifth circle of Kashi.

**Sixth Fold:**
1. Shri Manikarni Vinayak
2. Shri Asha Vinayak
3. Shri Shristhi Vinayak
4. Shri Yaksh Vinayak
5. Shri Gaj Karna Vinayak
6. Shri Chitraghant Vinayak
7. Shri SthoolJhang or Mitra Vinayak
8. Shri Mangal Vinayak

Just knowing the names of the Vinayaks in the sixth fold brings divine blessings.

**Seventh Fold:**
1. Shri Mod Vinayak
2. Shri Pramod Vinayak
3. Shri Sumukh Vinayak
4. Shri Durmukh Vinayak
5. Shri Gan Nath Vinayak

These five Vinayaks are the main ones in the seventh circle.

Additionally, there are:
– Shri Jyan Vinayak and Shri Dwar Vinayak, located at the main gate of Kashipuri.
– Shri Avimukta Vinayak, which removes troubles and sorrows for the worshippers of AvimuktaKshetra.


The 56 Ganesh Yatra is a special journey that can bring wisdom and wealth.

In many businesses, it’s a tradition to pray to Lord Ganesha before starting any work. This is done to seek his blessings for success and prosperity in the organization.

Performing Ganesh puja, or worship, is important before beginning any task. It’s believed that this puja can bring positive outcomes in various aspects of life.


The effectiveness of the Shree Ganesh Yatra is maximized when it is performed with proper methods by knowledgeable and experienced Vedic pundits or gurus who are learned Brahmins. This ensures that the yatra is energized and purified in the right manner.